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Compassionate Guidance For Family Law
Matters For Men, Estate Planning For Everyone

Our family law attorneys at Family Law Center for Men, take pride in serving husbands, fathers, and families from Anchorage to Wasilla, the Kenai Peninsula and communities throughout Alaska.

We hear you. We understand your concerns, fears and hopes. Let us use our
experience to protect you during life’s difficult moments.

Preparing For The
Starts Today

At Family Law Center for Men, we take the time to show clients how their best interests can be protected, even after they are gone. It can be confusing to sort out the various legal documents on your own, which is why we are proud to assist with the following:

Composing powers of attorney

Drafting wills

Writing trusts

Protecting your assets for generations to come

We are very knowledgeable about estate planning in Alaska and will use this knowledge for your benefit.


Aging brings about a wide array of challenges and uncertainty, especially revolving around potential health care concerns and death. By legally outlining your wishes earlier in life, they can come become a reality even after you have left your loved ones behind.

It’s Important To Understand
You Are Not Alone

Men going through divorce worry about their jobs, their reputations, their property and debts, and their children.

Many men are afraid of the uncertainty. They don’t want to be regarded as villains or dehumanized. They want to be treated fairly and equally throughout the divorce process. At Family Law Center for Men, we understand. We can help.

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