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Protecting Your Rights; Ensuring The Property And Debt Division In Your Divorce Is Fair

Exclusively handling family law matters for men in Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula, and Communities Throughout Alaska.

Property and debt division are always contentious issues in a divorce. Men find themselves worrying about what will happen to the family business, their military pension, or other important investments they have built up over the years. They also worry about credit card balances, mortgages, and car loans.

How will it work out in the end? Will it be fair? Will I be vilified and lose everything?

These questions are extremely common for men. At Family Law Center for Men, we understand your fears about your future financial security.

Our attorneys can help alleviate your concerns and offer the advocacy you need.

The Family Law Center For Men — Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard

At the Family Law Center For Men, our ultimate goal is to make sure your voice is heard. We have dedicated the practice of law to advocate for men in your same situation. We will make sure you are treated fairly and your voice is heard during every stage of the negotiation process.

We often assist men with property and debt matters, such as:

  • Investment property
  • Retirement accounts, including 401(k), federal, state, and military pensions
  • Family heirlooms or inheritances
  • Credit card debts, private loans, car loans, mortgage balances, and student loans
  • Family-owned business valuations

Over 55 Years Of Experience

Regardless of the complexity of your situation, our lawyers have over 55 years of combined legal experience. There isn’t a situation we cannot handle. Let us help you - contact us today!

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