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Helping You Preserve Your Retirement, Pensions, And Investment Property

Serving men in Anchorage, Wasilla, the Kenai Peninsula, and surrounding communities throughout the state of Alaska.

Worried About Losing Your Safety Net? We Can Help Make Sure That Doesn’t Happen

Divorcing parties with substantial assets often worry about the fate of their financial safety nets.

Will my 401(k) or military pension be at risk? What about my investment properties or stocks and bonds? What about land I inherited that has been owned by my family?

These are common questions about property many men getting divorced worry about. When it comes to “who gets what,” men often fear that they’ll lose everything. They will be vilified and won’t be treated fairly.

At Family Law Center for Men, we can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

We Will Assure Your Voice Is Heard And Your Interests Are Protected

We are the Family Law Center For Men. Our lawyers understand the trepidations men feel when it comes to dividing assets in their divorce. After all, a fair and equitable distribution wasn’t always the way property was divided in a divorce.

Utilizing over 55 years of experience, we will do what it takes to protect your rights to your property — and most importantly make sure the judge hears your side of the story.

The bottom line: We will do everything reasonable to make sure you are treated fairly.

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