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Shared Custody In Alaska: Helping Fathers Understand What That Means

Just a few decades ago, mothers were almost exclusively awarded sole custody of children. Today, the law in Alaska follows a “shared custody” approach and encourages both parents to be active in their child’s life.

However, fathers are often noncustodial parents and in order to have shared custody in Alaska, there must be a minimum of 110 overnight visits with the child. This can be difficult given the state’s large geography.

Getting a lawyer who understands how the rules work, one who has successfully developed a plan for fathers in similar situations is important to preserving the right to see your child.

Dedicated To Protecting Fathers’ Rights To See Their Children

At Family Law Center for Men, we are the Family Law Center For Men.

We understand your doubts, your fears, and your concerns. Fathers are important to their children and children are important to their fathers.

Our attorneys have over 55 years of combined experience handling all types of family law matters. We have resolved even the most complex custody battles for fathers all across Alaska.

We know how the rules work. We are the Family Law Center For Men. It’s what we are good at. Let us come up with a plan together.

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