To many people, a prenuptial agreement is seen as a curse; a jinx to their marriage. By executing a prenuptial agreement, a couple is seemingly admitting that they don’t trust each other or that they expect to get divorced.

But looking past these taboos, prenuptial agreements, often called marital agreements, can truly serve an important purpose.

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Two Common Instances When A Prenuptial Agreement Is Beneficial

1. Second Marriages
A prenup is always recommended if one or both parties have been married before with children from their prior marriages. A prenup can ensure that children from that prior marriage are not disinherited in the event of a death.

2. Collectables Or Family Heirlooms
Individuals who acquire unique and valuable collectibles, family heirlooms, or even land that has been passed down generation after generation can create a prenup to ensure they are not classified as marital property and thus subject to division or distribution in the event of divorce.

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Our team at the Family Law Center For Men has helped men with many different family law matters, including both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, for many years. While we specialize in the enforcement of prenuptial agreements to protect your rights and assets, it’s important to note that our firm does not draft these agreements.

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