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Signs of an Imminent Divorce

People often overlook things in their marriage. They may think everything is going well when the relationship is actually on the verge of divorce.

Sometimes we get so focused on other things in life, such as jobs and kids, that we ignore problems in our marriage. When one person sees the signs and the other does not, it can lead to divorce.

Silhouette of a family divided on separate cliff edges against a sunset sky, depicting the emotional distance and separation involved in a child custody battle during a divorce.

It’s time to wake up and take stock of your relationship. Think your marriage is OK? It may not be. Here are some signs that your partner may be considering divorce.

Your Spouse is Avoiding You

While it’s fine for your spouse to spend time with friends and family, their focus should be on their partner. If your partner seems to be intentionally avoiding you, they may be feeling detached from you. This is not a good sign. Plan some time together before it’s too late.

Communication Has Shut Down

You and your spouse should be able to have everyday conversations without criticizing, yelling, or blaming. If you’re always arguing with your spouse, engaging in the silent treatment, or showing no empathy, you need to work on your communication skills ASAP. Otherwise, communication will be shut down altogether and you may be served with divorce papers before too long.

You or Your Spouse No Longer Wants to Work on the Marriage

You both have to put effort into your marriage. When your spouse suggests counseling, do it. Want your wife to read a book on relationships? Read it together. Both of you should be ready and willing to make necessary changes to your marriage in order to make it thrive. If there’s no longer any interest in fixing the marriage, it’s time to call it quits.

You Live Like Roommates

Sexual activity can ebb and flow over time, but if you and your spouse are suddenly going months without any physical contact, then it’s time to figure out why. Married couples should never be acting like roommates. You two should be a team, but you should be talking about more than just logistics.

Your Spouse Has Become Secretive

Has your spouse been coming home later and later? Do you find she is always hiding her phone and maybe even her money? If it seems as though your spouse is hiding something, they may be having an affair, making large purchases, or covering up an addiction. In any case, these are signs that something is amiss.

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If you think a divorce may be imminent, you need to think ahead. You can either communicate with your spouse and try to work things out or get ahead of the game and file for divorce.

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