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Do Joint Accounts With Rights of Survivorship Work?

Joint accounts may seem like an effective way to prepare if parents need help with finances as they get older, but unexpected problems could crop up.
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Can We Learn from the Presley’s Estate Fight?

Priscilla Presley’s fight to remain trustee of Lisa Marie Presley’s trust can teach anyone a few lessons on proper estate planning.
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Does Divorce Have an Impact on Estate Planning?

When you're in the midst of a divorce, you're probably not thinking about estate planning or your will. However, if you're divorcing, you should think about the impact a divorce can have on an estate plan.
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How a Special Needs Trust Protects Loved Ones

While it may not seem necessary when a special needs child is young, setting up a trust to ensure their financial stability is better to be done sooner rather than later.
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What Legal Documents are Needed in an Estate Plan?

While legal documents may seem obtuse and difficult to understand, they are crucial for estate purposes.
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What You Need to Know When Making Your Will

While many people think that estate planning is only for the wealthy, experts say that’s not the case.
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You Can Avoid Unintended Consequences

Although there is certainly no shortage of people with selfish or malevolent intent, a great number of estate plans that end in disaster are due to unintended consequences.
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What Elements are Overlooked in Estate Plans?

There are certain provisions that people often forget to put in a will or estate plan that can have a big impact on a family.
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What Is Probate?

How this is handled now depends on the plans the deceased made when they were alive. For some people, that might mean probate.
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Planning for Long-Term Care with Irrevocable Trusts

With the possibility of needing long-term care in the future, many people are interested in proactive planning.
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