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What’s So Bad about Cancelling Irrevocable Trust?

Before pulling the plug on an irrevocable trust, it’s important to consider several factors like the potential tax consequences and possible alternative solutions.
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What’s the Best Way to Sell an Inherited Estate to an Heir?

We have a situation where both of my in-laws passed away in the last several years. My wife was the daughter and she and her brother are the executors to the last of my in-laws to pass away.
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What Estate Planning Is Needed for Parents?

Don't put it off any longer.
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What Should I Know About Living Trusts?

Whether you've examined your options for passing along your wealth or not, you probably know that there are a number of different possibilities when it comes to managing your wealth and handing it down to the next generation.
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Who Should Be Your Executor?

The person you have placed in charge of your estate under a Will is called a ‘Personal Representative’ or ‘Executor/Executrix.’
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Do You Need a Revocable Trust?

One of the most common misconceptions about a last will and testament is that having a will avoids the need for probate court.
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How to Speak With Mom and Dad About Estate Planning

Estate planning is an activity many families, especially in lower-income communities, don't often use, despite its many benefits. Two-thirds of Americans don't have a will, according to the 2022 survey.
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How to Find Out If a Person has a Will

Estate planning is a crucial aspect of financial management, ensuring that an individual’s assets are distributed according to their wishes after their passing. One key document in estate planning is a “last will and testament,” commonly known as a will.
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Estate Planning Checklist to Put Affairs in Order

An estate plan can give you peace of mind that things you value will be distributed according to your wishes when you die.
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Transferring Property to Heirs? Skip Top Five Mistakes

Death is inevitable, but dying without an estate plan is not. Estate planning is a must for property owners, no matter how uncomfortable the subject might make you.
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