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Make Power of Attorney Part of Your Estate Plan

Many people will suffer cognitive decline as they age, and that can seriously impact their ability to manage their assets.
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Which Is the Best to Way to Transfer Wealth, Trusts or Wills?

Take the squabbling between siblings you've had to endure and referee as a parent. Now multiply it times age and money. That might give you some idea of the need to make your final wishes clear when the time comes to divvy up your assets.
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What Is Irrevocable Funeral Trust?

An irrevocable funeral trust is a way of setting money aside to pay for your funeral and burial expenses.
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Where Is the Best Place to Keep Your Will?

When you fail to plan for your death, your heirs may end up fighting.
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Don’t Leave Grandchildren a Tax Bill

It is becoming harder for older Americans to leave retirement savings to their grandchildren without sticking them with a big tax bill.
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Who Gets My Bank Account When I Die?

After you die, several things can happen to your bank account, depending on your account type, how you’ve set up your account before your passing and whether you’ve set up a will or trust.
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Never Put These Things in Your Will

Writing a will is not as simple as just slapping together a list of desires. However, there are some things you should not put in your will.
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How to Pass the Family Home to Your Children

It’s perfectly normal for aging parents who are currently completing their will along with their lawyer’s guidance, to leave the family home to their children.
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Estate Planning for Second Marriages

If you are getting remarried, you obviously want to celebrate. However, it is also important to focus on less exciting matters, like redoing your estate plan.
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What If Your Beneficiary Is Missing?

Locating missing heirs after the death of their benefactor can require detective work worthy of Sam Spade.
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