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Planning for Aging without Family Caregivers

What are elderly persons who are without children or other family to serve as caregivers supposed to do?
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What Estate Planning Documents do Your Caregivers Need?

One of the most difficult—and emotional—parts of caregiving can be having discussions about the legal side of aging.
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What are Biggest Mistakes People Make with Social Security?

Whether you're counting on Social Security to fund most of your retirement income or supplement it, you want to make sure you get all of the money you're entitled to.
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What Is a ‘Step-Up’ in Basis in Estate Planning?

The “step-up” in basis has to do with the calculation of the capital gains on the sale of property.
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What are the Basics of Trusts?

When you think of a trust, you may have visions of contentious family gatherings in an attorney’s office after the death of a patriarch or matriarch. And sure, why not add sibling rivalries on par with the Roy family of Succession fame to keep things interesting?
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What Is Multigenerational Estate Planning?

When multiple generations live on the same property, issues over ownership, who inherits what and who provides what can get complicated fast.
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Can You Keep a Vacation Home in the Family for Generations?

The family vacation home is often a point of pride, a place for reconnecting and making memories. A vacation home, whether it’s in the mountains, near the sea, on a lake, or on a farm, can have sentimental as much as economic value.
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Pros and Cons of a Will vs. a Trust

Either a will or trust can be the foundation of your estate plan. If it’s a trust, it’s usually a revocable living trust.
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What are Benefits of Creating a Life Estate?

By understanding the features of a life estate and creating one at the right time, you can reap the following benefits….
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What are the Benefits of Making a Living Trust?

There are some significant benefits of creating a living trust.
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