Why Do I Need a Will?

Just under half of Americans have a will, according to data from Gallup. J.P. Morgan Wealth Management data suggests that this number may even be lower, especially among Black and Hispanic investors.
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Key Components of an Estate Plan to Tackle First

Having the right legacy plans and documents in place is one of the most important steps aging individuals can take, both to give themselves peace of mind and to avoid the possibility that confusion will make an already challenging situation even worse.
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Steps for an Effective Pet Protection

Although in the past it may not have been the norm to provide for animals in our estate planning, times have changed.
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Think Strategically when Creating Estate Plan

Crafting a carefully considered estate plan can ensure that asset distribution aligns with both your intended legacy and your beneficiaries’ needs.
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Does Divorce Have an Impact on Estate Planning?

When you're in the midst of a divorce, you're probably not thinking about estate planning or your will. However, if you're divorcing, you should think about the impact a divorce can have on an estate plan.
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How Should I Handle Memorabilia in My Estate Planning?

Memorabilia collections, by their nature, are specialized and unique. When considering your estate planning, it's important to think about what you require of your beneficiaries — if you’re not planning on selling your collection — and how you can make that process as easy as possible for your family. What will your spouse or children have to deal with as they dispose of the items?
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Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning involves organizing and managing the distribution of a person’s assets and property after death. Planning ahead of time can help ensure the distribution of your assets and property according to your wishes.
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Do Family Secrets Hurt Estate Planning?

A study by the financial services research firm reveals just how big a problem family secrets can be, as reported in Financial Advisor’s recent article “Family Wealth Transfers Undermined by Secrecy.” Most asset holders plan to share their wishes and intentions with family members before they die. However, the research reveals only about half actually…
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Three Ways to Making Trusts Millennial Friendly

If your estate plan benefits Gen Y (also known as Millennials) it’s important to design a trust that supports what makes them thrive.
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What Strategies Minimize Estate Taxes?

With 2022 bringing very little change to trust and estate law, 2023 remains a prime opportunity to take advantage of the favorable tax landscape.
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