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What Happens to Digital Assets on Death?

If you haven’t properly accounted for these things, your heirs may not be able to access these assets when you’re gone.
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Who Pays Taxes, the Estate or Heirs?

The heirs of an estate can be liable to pay the estate or income taxes (and perhaps other obligations) of the estate.
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What are the Main Reasons for Using a Trust?

When you think of a trust, you may have visions of contentious family gatherings in an attorney’s office after the death of a patriarch or matriarch.
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How Do You Split Property Among Heirs?

If you thought that doing your taxes got complicated when you acquired more assets, wait until you try to split them up among multiple children when planning their inheritance.
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What is a Pour-Over Will?

This type of will can ensure that your assets go where you want them to. However, there are many misconceptions about them.
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How Can I Leave Property to a Minor?

You cannot name a legal minor as a beneficiary. This applies to almost all legal documents, most notably wills and life insurance policies.
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What Can You Do If Someone Steals Your Inheritance?

As far as the “how” goes, it’s important to remember that inheritance theft can take many different forms.
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Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Passing Wealth to the Next Generation

What could go wrong with this transfer of generational wealth? Several things, in fact.
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Should You Put Your Child’s Name on the Deed to Your House?

If a child you’ve added to your deed goes through a divorce, has tax issues, is sued by someone, or must declare bankruptcy, your house could be on the chopping block!
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Why is a Will So Important as I Age?

If you die without a will, you die “intestate” and your assets will be distributed according to your state’s law. That could result in a distribution you didn’t intend.
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