Protecting Digital Assets in Estate Planning

Cryptocurrency has become a new wrinkle in the development of an estate plan.
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What are Five Keys to Estate Planning?

Contemplating your own death may not be on the list of things you’re eager to do.
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Top 10 Estate Planning Myths

Everyone needs to worry about estate planning. That planning doesn’t only pertain to what happens when you die but what could happen if you end up incapacitated.
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Protecting Inheritances in a Blended Family

As divorce and second marriages become increasingly common, more people find themselves raising children who are not biologically their own. Estate planning for blended families should address this unique situation.
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Transferring Real Estate to Children

For many parents, transferring real estate to their children is an important part of their estate planning process. There are several ways that parents can do this, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
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How to Pay for My Funeral

A funeral can cost $10,000 or more, according to the Funeral Consumers Alliance.
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Get These Estate and Tax Items Done Before It’s too Late

What estate planners need to accomplish for their clients before Tax Day, as well as the regulatory changes they need to be aware of while preparing for the big day.
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Should You Give Your Children an Inheritance Now?

Retirees should secure themselves first, and if you’re all set there, then consider a few other things, such as the impact on the children and tax issues.
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The Biggest Mistakes Made with Trusts

Mistakes that are usually ugly, often costly and sometimes fatal – at least to an estate plan.
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Do I Need a Trust in My Estate Plan for Real Estate?

Trusts are widely used in estate planning, so estates can avoid going through probate and maintain privacy. The terms of the trust ensure the wishes of the property owner are adhered to and their property gets distributed to the proper beneficiaries.
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